Keep your packaging machinery in perfect working order

Choose one of our standard Technical Support Agreements or ask a Customized Support Program to ensure high performances and the best working conditions for your machine.
After the warranty period, we offer a BASIC or CLASSIC Service Contract Agreement, with a predetermined overhead rate, to keep your machine always running efficiently 
Under request, we can also provide a Customized Support Program as an optional upgrade to the standard one.

You can rely on us:
In order to preserve your investments, we offer specialized repair including retrofitting and revamping services to improve or extend the life cycle of your machine. 

Besides maintenance and technical assistance services, Imanpack guarantees a well-stocked service of spare parts that are subject to normal processes of wear and tear that can cause defects in the forming and sealing of packages. 

Mechanical spare parts are available lifetime warranty.  Third party spare parts are guaranteed for a period of 10 years after purchase date.

Contact our Technical Support Department:
Phone number:    +39 0445 578831