Video - Gnocchi packaging

Imanpack provides the most advanced packaging solutions for the food industry with machine complying with hygiene and safety standards.
This line with Microvert PRO 300 for gnocchi packaging features a full stainless steel framework, from the infeed conveyor to the exit belt, to guarantee hygiene, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.

Gnocchi coming from the feeding belt reach the packaging machine through the infeed funnel; meanwhile, the film is printed with the product description and gas is injected into the forming tube for a proper food preservation. The sealing jaws allow to make bellow or pillow bags. The latter, when on the exit belt, are lightly pressed by a roller to evenly spread the product inside.

Imanpack provides vertical machines, horizontal machines and counting/sorting systems suitable for many food products. Visit our YouTube channel to find out more about our machines.

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