Piece counting/weighing machine particularly indicated for weighing small size hardware such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts and miscellaneous small parts. The micro-processor constantly monitors the weighing system to guarantee the set dose at maximum speed.

Weighing range
From 10 g to 300 g
Product range
Small size hardware
Small size hardware
60 mm
Up to 30 cycles/min
Weighing basket sensitivity
0,2 g

• Torsional vibrator with 600 mm diameter and two outlets.
• Dual weighing system.
• Double synchronism baskets to accelerate production rates.
• Possibility of memorising different programmes to suit various products.
• Possibility of linking it to other machines (bags, sacks, boxes, KLT).
• Machine built according to CE Standards.

Speedup to 30 cycles/min
Product widthup to 60 mm
Max dose weightfrom 100 g to 300 g

Software for the management and control of packaging machines

The CAESAR software is designed to be integrated with the Imanpack packaging machines. It provides management and control over the entire line via Personal Computer, with both fixed or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone).

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