Video - MCWS9 for electrical connectors

Imanpack provides counting and sorting systems suitable for any industry, from hardware to food. With our machines, we can count any kind of product, such as screws and fasteners, metal or plastic fittings, biscuits, or, as in this case, electrical connectors.

This system includes a counter/scale MCWS9 fed by a belt hopper and coupled with belts carrying the plastic containers. The weigher features two chutes, one for roughing and one for fine dosing, with a belt for one by one piece counting. When the right amount of pieces per dose is collected it passes through the weigher's outlet to fill the container arriving on the belt. Filled containers are moved to the exit belt by a pneumatic pusher.

Imanpack designs and builds counting, dosing and sorting lines for any kind of product and has a broad selection of machines and accessories. Visit our YouTube channel and discover some of our best solutions.

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