Video - Packaging for furniture accessories kits

Packaging lines for kits are modular machinery that every customer can compose in a customized way, according to the number and the features of the items to be counted and wrapped, with specific counting modules if necessary.

This packaging line for furniture accessories kits has 6 standard counting modules and two special modules for hinges, a vertical packaging machine and a checkweigher. The six modules CMF5 arranged along the conveyor fill the buckets as they move on. The other two modules feed straight the packaging machine, in synch with the buckets. Also, a loading table allows the operator to add extra pieces to the kit. The packaging machine Microvert PRO wraps in polyethylene and the obtained bags are lastly transferred to the checkweigher that will reject the non-compliant.

On our YouTube channel you will find many other counting and packaging lines for kits: furniture accessories, automotive, heating and plumbing, catering and more.

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