Video - Packaging line for door handles

By linking two packaging machines it is possible to obtain a "bag in bag" wrapping, useful when it is necessary to separate some components of a kit or for certain products requiring a double wrapping: the first, smaller bag is inserted, even in conjunction with other products, as in this line for door handles, in the bag made by the second machine.

The first product is a couple of screws, sorted by the counting module CMS10 and wrapped by the vertical machine Microvert PRO 200. Bags are carried by a conveyor belt with loading basket and dropped on the feeding belt of the second wrapper, a Micropac VRP3. Here the handle is added and wrapped with the screws bag in a overall polyethylene bag.

We can provide packaging lines for many types of kits, from furniture accessories to heating and plumbing fittings. Visit our YouTube channel to discover our custom counting, sorting and packaging solutions and for sure you will find what most fits with your needs.

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