Video - Packaging line for electrical clamps

The polyethylene bag is definitely the easiest and most practical packaging type, but sometimes the same product may need more than one packaging to be sold in different formats. The combination of different machines and devices allows to build up a single machinery gathering more packaging systems.

In this line the electrical connectors can be wrapped in bags or collected in plastic jars. Regardless the packaging, pieces are selected and counted by two counting modules CMF5 and unloaded on the two-ways transport belt that can alternatively feed the packaging machine or the jar filling device. The Microvert PRO 200 makes polyethylene bags with sombrero hole; on the other half of the machinery there are a transport belt for empty plastic containers, a filling outlet and an outfeed conveyor for filled jars. The line is suitable for bags and containers of different sizes.

With its wide range of packaging machines and dosing systems Imanpack is the ideal partner to design and build your counting/packaging line according to your specific needs. Visit our YouTube channel to see some of our best machinery.

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