Video - Servoflex Intermittent for bearings

The extensive experience gained in decades of designing packaging systems allowed us to become the sole supplier for one of the world's leading bearings manufacturer.

This Servoflex Intermittent is one of the latest machine provided and includes all the distinctive features of any Imanpack product: specifically developed customizations and the finest designing and assembly.
This particular model stands out for some interesting features, such as the special infeed belt for heavy products, the vacuum pump and the special sealing jaws. Bearings are wrapped in sturdy airless cellophane bags and will be later enclosed in carton boxes by the cartoning machine MCTN2000.

All our flow-wrappers suitable for bearings and for other hardware goods are fully customizable according to the product and the customer's specific needs.
Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our packaging systems for hardware and much more.

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